A Lesson in Leadership from Nelson Mandela

Great minds think alike? I was inspired by the same NPR show to post a Tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Spotlight Youth Theater

I was listening to NPR this morning on my way to the office and I heard a journalist from South Africa tell a story about an encounter she had with Nelson Mandela.
She recalled a time when she had attended an all day event in a building that was near the airport, so it wasn’t close to any restaurants.  So, around lunch time when a table of food was brought out for the journalists to eat from, she went and filled her plate with all sorts of goodies.  Just then, it was announced that Nelson Mandela would be holding a press conference in the front of that room, so she ran to the stage and set up her microphone at the podium and reserved her seat in the front row.  As she sat waiting for him to begin speaking, she took the opportunity to gorge herself on the plate of…

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