Fear & Loathing in Ferguson

Teen Girl Praying lightstock_98499_xsmall_user_7997290I may not have said it exactly this way, but this post from a friend of mine on Facebook says a lot of what goes through my mind. He may be white, but he has black grandchildren, and he lives a life of service to anyone who needs help. He lives what he says, He has street cred. 

My own quick take is that there are deep problems on both sides of the gun, and they are deepening as I write. Where is the Martin Luther King, Jr. of this generation to bring some sanity to the situation? What are the police thinking!? Where is the voice of reason? Where are the peacemakers?

Fear and Loathing in Ferguson Missouri

The news reads like deja vu: “Another white cop shoots an unarmed black youth”. Such a tragedy often gives us an x-ray of just what is in our hearts and minds. The truth is seldom sought as emotions only further the grief. What is it about racial discrimination that keeps us blind to our own fears and loathing ? Why cannot we get past this ugliness and put it in the history books, once and for all ?

As a white older Christian man who is about to reprove everyone in this mess, may I offer the black community some politically incorrect truth instead of patronising as the liberals do and castigating as some conservatives might. Here it is: 

  • Lawlessness is not the way forward. If you want to rise up and do yourselves and your community proud you must shed the mind- forged manacles of blaming others and take responsibility for your actions. Justice is not served by looting innocent merchants.
  • Aggression toward police officers is an invitation for disaster, and by the way this advice is what I told my children and grandkids. Do not aggress or sass police officers. They have authority and if you disrespect the badge, you invite the force necessary to subdue you. For sanity’s sake, don’t aggress.
  • Look for racism last, not first when there is a tragedy. We all know there are bad apples in Police uniforms. Let the light of investigation prove what has happened.
  • Black parents and teachers and pastors and community leaders all must address the black on black crime that is eating ya’ll alive. The enemy is found and it is WITHIN. ( That goes for all of us, white or black )
  • This may surprise you but most white folks LOVE you guys. Mixed in with that is a lot of fear and for good reason. Even Jesse Jackson would not walk past a group of young blacks without crossing the street. Deal with this in earnest !
  • GANGSTA culture is one of death and demerits your people. Build up your women, they are the backbone of your communities, not bitches. Your adolescent ideas of masculinity would be laughable if it were not so deadly. You are dragging your people backwards and reinforcing white on black racism. GROW UP ! Oh and bigotry toward white folks is not helpful, even if some are a**holes. 

And here is some truth for the law enforcement community: SERIOUSLY !!!

  • Militarizing the Police represents such profound disregard for your mission to serve and protect, that I am ashamed in this moment to be an American. The whole world is shaking its head at us. The Captain of the State Police, who is black ,did a fine job turning things around after you City clowns gave up your wannabe military approach. Remember this: YOU FAILED. LEARN NOT TO DO THIS AGAIN TO OUR OWN PEOPLE !
  • Until your white officers get in touch with just how much fear and loathing they might have for people of color, we are going to see another tragedy unfold. I feel no judgment for the Officer who shot this young man. I don’t know the facts, yet. But why is there no protocol to subdue an unarmed man who is aggressive without lethal force ? Is there no baton, or mace, no tazer. Now there are cameras and we will know what happens but only a fool would feel happy that a young man’s life was snuffed out. 
  • Serious outreach and recruitment of black officers is NECESSARY when the majority of your citizens are black and you only have three out of fifty three officers who are African American.

To myself and other conscionable white folk:

  • LISTEN to and penetrate black culture with life giving and supportive love. Do not give in to fear and loathing. There is a toxic amount of this on both sides of the racial divide. Go Cross Cultural and be a bridge of understanding. Help the poor and take special interest in their well being. Avoid politicizing issues and get REAL ! Get some friends of COLOR and together reach out for light and love.
  • If you are a RACIST, get behind me Satan ! No more of that CRAP !
  • Take a look at your church and if it is all white, find out why. The answers might be painful to face but we have no choice. GET TO WORK !

Lastly, as an outsider to the dynamics of the Ferguson community we hope recovery is In your future and that real healing will result from yet another wake up call. It is never too late to repent and now is an opportune time to do just that ! Amen. I pray the peace of God upon your lives and your loved ones in the coming days. PEACE ! Ken Peters

Thank you for words of wisdom my friend.
Now we need to pray!

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