From Across the Dressing Room A Different Story May be Emerging

African American Woman on TransgenderI wrote the piece in the midst of the Bruce Jenner public metamorphosis into Caitlin Jenner that I am reblogging because it continues to be relevant, if not swept aside. I was reminded of the article as I finished reading An African American Woman Reflects on the Transgender Movement. She says things beautifully that I did not even consider.

She also says some things I could not say with the same integrity.

I am confident that we come from the same, human, place and have the same concerns for what we, as a society, are doing to people who need our compassion. Having compassion is only a start. Compassion misguided can be just as damaging as a lack of compassion. Misguided compassion is even more insidious, as it sells false hope. Worse than a harmless but benign huckster’s elixir, the compassion that offers a remedy that may be more like opium in a toothpaste may just do more harm than good.



I am not sure why I am entering into this transgender discussion. I do not want to be seen as phobic, unloving or not accepting of people with differences. We all have our issues and we have choices to make. The freedoms that protect me and my choices should be extended to others to make their own choices – as long as they are not hurting other people.

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