Into Her Dreams

Depositphotos Photography ID: 8146447 Copyright: jkirshphoto

Like skaters on icy pavement
gliding together into the city skyline,
grey against clouds of snow.
Winter storm warning, veiled
by music and coffee,
conversation and silence.
Precious cargo
delivered into the Windy City,
big shoulders,
blonde and steel,
she slips into the hurried streets,
the streaming crowds,
out into the world.
This father beams in consolation.
She doesn’t look back,
blue eyes piercing into her future,
no hesitation,
Hungary bound.
Heading home,
grey fading into western twilight,
slipping past long headlights,
Silence in the music playing.
Snow dust, shifting like dry mist,
passing like sands of time.
Falling, flurries swirl
As I recall
How easily she slipped
out of my car
and into her dreams.

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