If Abortion was Legal in 1961

My Parents and I circa 1960

My Parents and I circa 1960

With a title like that, you might think that I am going to get religious or moral. While it is hard to ignore religious or moral ground on the subject of abortion, my intention is simply to relate stories that are close to me, stories of flesh and blood.

You see, if abortion was legal in 1961, I might not be married to my wife.

Her mother became pregnant out of wedlock. I don’t know the whole story. It certainly isn’t for me to judge. My wife’s parents got married, in spite of what their families wanted them to do. As time went on, however, the marriage suffered. The family struggled.

If abortion was legal in 1961, and if her mother walked into a Planned Parenthood office (or, perhaps, her doctor’s office) asking for help as a pregnant teenager, they would have likely suggested, maybe even urged, that she get an abortion. Her parents would have never known, though they might have agreed.

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