10 Life Lessons I Learned On A Wrestling Mat

In case you, the reader, have not noticed, wrestling is a theme in my life and my thoughts. Wrestling was the fertile soil for some of the greatest personal growth I experienced. I pass on other blog post of similar ilk because it never gets old for me.

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Growing up involved in the sport of wrestling is a very interesting experience. You are exposed to a manner of thinking that few others will understand, even fewer will agree with, and none outside the fraternity of wrestlers will recognize the power of. This method of thinking is near and dear to me, as it shaped my entire life to this point. The reason why the “wrestler mentality” is so incredibly powerful is because it makes zero concessions in terms of acceptance of mediocrity or failure. The only option is success, and the only way to get there is to be unyielding in your pursuit of your goals. These are the 10 major life lessons that I learned through wrestling that have impacted me as a husband, father, teacher, student, and overall human being. While some of these lessons are straight forward, there are some that are Miyagi-esque in terms…

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